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Vein Finder Master

Suresult Vein Finder Master for Adult Child Older Infant with Camara 12 Colors

See Veins, Enhance Care

Exceptional clarity in vein imaging, adaptable to all patient skin types and ages. Minimize the guesswork in punctures, reduce discomfort, and save time with our user-friendly device. Certified for safety, designed for efficacy. Elevate patient care with our VeinFinder Master—where precision meets ease.

12 Colors Imaging

6-Level Brightness

10-Language Operate

4 Hours Working

Built-In Camera

Infant Vein Finder: Gentle Precision for Tiny Veins

Gentle Touch for Infant Faces

See the soft, safe application of our vein finder on an infant's face, ensuring a tear-free procedure.

Infant Legs & Feet Vein Discovery

Discover how effortlessly our vein finder maps out the veins on an infant's leg for painless care.

Tiny Arms, Clear Veins

Observe the clarity and care with which our vein finder scans the delicate arms of a newborn.

Vein Finding on Infant's Hand

Watch the Vein Finder Master light up the tiniest veins in a newborn's hand for accurate access.

Suresult Vein Finder Master with 12 Colord Inversion LCD Screen Built in Camera
Vein finder IMAGE OF Hand

12 Colors with Inversion

Color Versatility: Optimal view in any setting.
Enhancement Mode: Sharp Vein Display
Color Inversion: Clearer veins, no hair hassle.
vein finder master different colors on skin with inversion

Real Stories, Real Success

Fully Upgraded, Peak Performance.

Universal Compatibility for Any Ages
Expertly crafted to serve seniors, adults, children, and newborns, ensuring inclusive care for all patients.
Integrated Camera to Save Images
Effortlessly capture and store vascular images, enhancing patient records and treatment follow-up.
10 Languages Available
English, Spanish, German, Korean, Italian, Russian, Vietnamese, Polish, French, Chinese
Upgraded Vein Viewer with LCD Screen and 12 Colors

Discover the NEXT Level: Enhanced Precision for Every Patient

ST-600 Vein Finder Master

Suresult Vein Finder Master 2023 Latest Model for Adult Child Older Infant with Camara (1)

ST-500 Vein Finder Lite

Suresult Vein Finder Lite Old Model (3)

Patient Age Range

Infants, Adults, Children, Seniors
Adults, Children, Seniors

Product Size

24 (L)x 6 (W) x 6.5 (H) cm
20 (L)x 6.2 (W) x 5.5 (H) cm



Color Options

12 Colors
7 Colors

Available Sizes

3 Sizes
3 Sizes

Image Inversion


Brightness Levels

6 Settings
5 Settings

Clarity Enhancement


Sleep Mode

10-30 Mins Adjustable
Fixed 10 Mins

Camera & Picture Saving


Battery Capacity


PC Connectivity


Display Screen

2.4 Inch LED

Depth Indicator



Multilingual (10 Options)
English Only

Complete Vein Finder Set: Ready-to-Use

Vein Finder Device
Power Cable & Adapter
Durable Metal Case with Lock
User Guide
Calibration Reference
Warranty Card
Skin Marking Pen
Medical Tourniquet

Enhance Mobility or Stability: Your Choice

Trolley Stands

Perfect for on-the-go professionals, this adjustable stand provides mobility and flexibility across different rooms and patient areas.

Table Stand

Ideal for stationary setups, offering a stable and space-saving solution for desktop use.

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Effortless & Worry-Free Vein Finder Purchasing with Suresult Transparent Pricing and Hassle-Free Payment

Make your vein finder uniquely yours with our free nameplate service. Delivered in a lockable aluminum case with a complete set of accessories, ready for immediate use.

Name or logo on your device, FREE.
Lockable Metal Box: Durable protection

Suresult gives you clear pricing: no hidden costs. Pay one price, get it shipped anywhere for free, and we handle all import taxes. Just order and relax.

Free Worldwide Shipping: No added costs.
All Taxes Covered: We handle import fees.
Clear Pricing: Pay once, no surprises.
Effortless & Worry-Free Ultrasound Device Purchasing with Suresult Transparent Pricing and Hassle-Free Payment
Fast Delivery & Endless Support of Suresult Vein Finder

Get your order in 7-15 days with tracking. Need support after delivery? Just ask. We're always here for you.

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Other Areas (7-15 days)

Lifetime Commitment to Your Care

First Month Assurance

Problem in the first month? We'll send a new device swiftly, minimizing any downtime.

Warranty Coverage

Whether you need parts or a complete repair, our 2-year warranty has you covered. Plus, return shipping is on us.

Post-Warranty Care

Even after the warranty, enjoy free labor for repairs. You only pay for parts and shipping back.

24/7 Expert Help

Day or night, our team is here. Whether it's an online chat, video call, or a group session, we're ready to assist.

Vein Finding, Simplified

Transform your patient experience with a glimpse into our Suresult vein finder’s capabilities. Our concise video reveals how effortless vein detection can be, from setup to actual use. Ready for a change?

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